Your Big Break with Gwen Elliot

Your Big Break features today’s top lifestyle entrepreneurs, media magnets, and TV producers, sharing their advice for you to get your big break in business. Your host, Gwen Elliot is a media strategist and TV producer for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada. She has helped clients get featured in Forbes, Virgin, Cosmopolitan, Breakfast Television to name a few. Learn more at
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Your Big Break with Gwen Elliot



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Mar 31, 2016

Charlotte is a professional makeup artist and beauty writer in Derry, Ireland and before that was a plus-size Wilhelmina Model in NYC

She’s been featured on the BBC and the Belfast Telegraph to name a few.


Mar 24, 2016
enn Scalia is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. This self professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating a multi 6-­figure business. Known for her tough love, no­-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world.


Mar 17, 2016

Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel – a community of big-hearted entrepreneurs and superheroes that are making the world a better place through purpose-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Giovanni hosts his flagship mastermind event, Archangel Academy, every January in the Los Angeles area, and leads an online private community called Archangel Club that gifts forward 50% of revenues to create positive impact in the world.

Mar 10, 2016

Earlier in his professional career, Alex helped build several multi-million dollar entertainment brands (The Dark Knight, Shrek, Harry Potter 6), but these days, that’s not what gets him to jump out of bed each morning.

Today, he is best-selling author, speaker and mentor for millennial entrepreneurs.  His biggest passion is helping people to create epic online businesses based on their passions withUltimate Biz Builders. By living out his dreams and impacting others, he hopes to inspire millions throughout the world to do the same (or bigger).

The best-selling author of Abundance Now and the co-author of ‘the Secret,’ Lisa Nichols says that Alex’s bestselling book, The Two-Week Notice (, is “your guide to unapologetically stepping into your greatness in your business and life.”

Throughout his career, Alex has been blessed to learn from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and political leaders, helping him to build and share his message with the world.

He has spoken about pursuing a passion-based life at Fortune 500 companies, conferences, universities and leadership development programs, and he writes about personal growth and how it fits into millennial entrepreneurship.  His writing has been published on Under30CEO, Addicted2Success, ThoughtCatalog, Prsuit, among many others.

He is a proud graduate of Vanderbilt University and can be found traveling the world sharing his message and living a life of deliberate intention and purpose.

Mar 3, 2016

Lisa Greig is the co-organizer of the Death Cafe. She’s also a Canadian social worker and entrepreneur based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.